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The mobile application you provide your users carries your business’ reputation with it and this is why it is important to ensure that it runs seamlessly across every platform. It doesn’t matter how expertly an application or a software is developed, it requires quality assurance software testing services for it to take down all possible bugs and proffer a great end-user experience. A software or an application can be used as a platform to maintain a constant interaction with your consumers. It only makes sense to test it for any possible bugs that might end up earning a bad impression for your business. At Grow Your Visibility, our expert QA Software Testers test your application against a list of regressive scalability levels to check for its performance at extreme parameters.

Grow Your Visibility offers QA Software Testing Services in New Jersey. We have the required experience and knowledge in the field to assure the delivery of error-free and smooth-functioning application or software to your users. From testing application and software to testing in-house utility software, we can do it all!

Our Approach

1. Component/Unit Testing
Our team tests the smallest software components (units) to test for their functionality against extreme parameters. This unit testing ensures that the core of your application is exemplary, isolating the bugs to fit your user compliance and expectancy.
2. Hybrid Testing
The second step of our testing approach is to combine the individual modules and to test for their performance as a unit. For the final delivered application or software to be perfect, it is necessary for the standalone units to work smoothly when put together. Our team uses customized automation testing scripts to check for the performance of your software or application when run for an entire lifetime, pointing out errors and malfunctioning.
3. Reporting
We provide you with a comprehensive report containing tangible solutions and fixes of all the software bugs. Besides, this contains comprehensive and detailed reporting of UI testing of your software. Our team of Software Testers makes it a point to mention all the tabs on scalability, functionality, and other performance attributes of your software/application.