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With a penetration percentage of more than 55%, the Internet has become a bigger invention than it was initially meant to. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a progressive concept that describes the idea of objects (or things) connected and identifiable to each other via the Internet. For instance, smart watches and mobile phones are connected and identifiable to each other via the Internet are counted under IoT Devices. Many companies have been incorporating this ambient intelligence technology in their devices like smartwatches, smart home assistants, etc. With innovative minds and high-tech inventions catered to suit human comfort, IoT Devices are continuously becoming a major part of our lives.

On a similar note, the Internet of Things is being considered as the Fourth Industrial Evolution and it is predicted that by 2025 the total global worth of IOT Tech would be USD 6.2 trillion with deeper penetration in manufacturing and healthcare! Businesses are incorporating smart IoT solutions in their operations for better performance and enhanced user interactions. The concept of IoT is not new but its real-life application by businesses is relatively afresh and has a lot to be seen in the upcoming future. At Grow Your Visibility, we develop mobile applications for IoT devices enabling them to function efficiently using Ambient Intelligence.

Businesses have to use the current opportunity and use IoT to become business leaders in their industry. Our team of experts has unlimited excess to resources and uses its experiences to create  IoT solutions for businesses such as Secure Integration Processes, Mobile Applications, and similar sound IoT Solutions for existing infrastructure.

Our Approach

1. Analysis
Our team begins with an extensive analysis of your current business systems. The primary goal is to make space in the existing infrastructure for the implementation/deployment of IoT Solutions. A comprehensive report is prepared based on the analysis and related observation of your current business systems.
2. System Integration
Our experts use IoT Solutions for an end to end system integration of coordinating departments, bringing enhancements to the end results of the product/ service cycle. We develop competent mobile applications to support these system integrations.
3. Prototyping And Managed Services
Cloud Computing plays a major role in IoT Services. At Grow Your visibility, we offer quick application prototyping on cloud-based IoT platform, individual Cloud Hosting, Application Management, and such others. Connect with us for prototyping and an array of Managed Services.
4. Consulting
After deployment of IoT based applications, we offer IoT Consultancy Services to our clients. IoT is continuously evolving and our experts have the passion and access to the right resources for staying updated on the newest inventions. Stay ahead of your competitors using our smart resources!