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The design of your business’ website plays a major role in maintaining a healthy online presence. A normal user takes a maximum of 3-4 seconds to judge your website and you have to put your best web design foot forward in order to slide a potential customer further down in the sales pipe. Starting from designing individual tags, choosing the right theme for your website to the placement of different web elements, a visually rich and responsive design, your business’ website requires an extensive web design knowledge and experience. Grow Your Visibility is a leading web design agency in NJ and we can help your business with our years of experience in designing clean and aesthetically pleasing websites.

Web Design Services are not all about the appearance of your website but also affects your website’s ranking in the SERPs and thus, overall conversion rate. A neat website design performs well with SEO, has a good loading speed, is responsive and accounts for a great user experience. At Grow Your Visibility, we can design your website, keeping your target audience in focus, that accounts for great UX, SEO score, above par testing performance, and much more.

Our Approach

1. Analysis and Design Strategy

Our team analyses your business requirements and objectives, studies target audience and scrutinizes competitive landscape to form a perfect design plan for your website. Based on this analysis, our web designers create a detailed design strategy with an accurate timeline.

2. Drafting Information Architecture

In this phase, our team works on designing and crafting the smallest parts of information architecture (IA) of your business’ website such as layouts, tag placements, categorization of different functionalities, etc. We ensure to keep the overall design neat and simple with easy website navigation for a user-friendly environment.

3. UX Planning and Responsive Web Design

Our team plans the user experience (UX) of your website and formulate strategies for factors such as ease of accessibility, visual placements, and other related factors, extensively. Besides, businesses often lose a substantial amount of traffic because of their website is not adaptable across different devices and platforms. We provide you with a responsive web design that functions smoothly across devices of all screen sizes, platforms or browsers.

4. Testing Phase

This is the most important phase where we test the final web design on many devices, browsers, browsing platforms, etc. checking for any possible bugs or design flaws. Besides this, we also use reliable tools to check for your website’s loading speed and SEO performance. Through this testing phase, we aim at providing a definitive user experience and seamless browsing for your website visitors.