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Links play a major role in deciding your website’s ranking in the SERPs. In spite of the continuous evolution in the search algorithms, we cannot deny that backlinks remain one of the most important contributing factors in the scoring metric used to rank pages by search engines. From a more comprehensive point of view, backlinks are a way of assuring search engines that your website’s resources are worthy of citations or referrals. Building links, thus, is one of the most important Search Engine Optimization techniques used by experts.

As simple as it might sound, building credible links requires a lot of patience and practice. Google counters fraud link building practices with its regular algorithm updates such as the Penguin Update punishes sites with faulty link building practices to gain ranking in SERPs. Google closely monitors every step of the link building process – right from checking the relevancy of anchor text, the credibility of the linking pages (“trust signals” from Google TrustRank), and the number of authentic citations to your website, to ensure that only the organic link building practices weigh in on the website rankings in the SERPs. As such, Organic Link Building becomes important for the rankings and traffic of both small and large scale businesses.

At Grow Your Visibility, we have a link building team with an extensive experience in organic link building. It doesn’t matter whether your business’ website needs authentic citations or you have to deal with a Google penalty or such other services, our link building experts can deal with all of them.

Our Approach

1. Auditing Links
We begin with a thorough audit of the current status on all the backlinks to your business’ website using reliable tools such as SEMrush, Ahref, and Majestic. We review these links checking the credibility of linking domains, the relevancy of anchor text, content quality, etc. to ensure that only the authentic backlinks remain.
2. Content Creation and Building Links
The “freshness” of links to your business’ website majorly affects its ranking in the SERPs. Through creating high-quality relevant content, meaningful anchor texts, and building links by publishing them on highly-trusted domains, our team ensures a continuous inflow of high-quality organic links to your website. Our team has partnerships with credible and authoritative websites of your industry that helps in healthy link building.
3. Optimization
Link Building is more than simply about the external factors and we, at Grow Your Visibility, understand this. We analyze your business’ website to identify and create, if not present, power pages that have enough well-research and popular content for high-quality citations by trusted domains. Our team’s detailed review of your business’ website ensures that your internal link structure is compact and powerful.
4. Social Media Promotion
The number of social shares (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc.) of your website’s content is very important for SEO as well as its link building. We have set partnerships with the social influencers of your industry and as such, we make sure that your business’ website reserves a space in the good books of search engines.