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SEO keeps changing and every savvy marketer uses an aggressive approach to keep up with these changes. Pillar Pages have been one of the constants that are recommended for a better user experience and a higher website ranking. A Pillar Page is basically a linchpin to most of your website’s content where a user can find all the required information about a service or product that you offer.

Pillar Pages Makes SEO Effective

Google is using AI-based smart algorithms to increase the relevancy of its search results. As such, it favors structured and well-organized website that ascertain their relevance to the context through relevant content and its formatting. SEO Siloing helps your website to easily communicate with search engines through a well-defined content categorization and organized interlinks. This helps your business’ website with an increased volume of organic traffic. And thus, creating a pillar page doesn’t just help you to maintain an organizational flow in your website’s content but also alleviates your SEO efforts.

How can we help?

We have a team of experienced professionals who can help your website with both Physical and Virtual Siloing. At Grow Your Visibility, we can help you with structuring your website’s content in an organizational way. We use the content on your website and organize it to have a better overall impact on the SEO efforts and your audience. This will help search engines like Google to understand your website’s content in a better way and generate qualified leads. Under Virtual Siloing, our experts help you with comprehensive interlinking of your website content by connecting the ones with similar context. This will help Google to comprehend the relationship between different category of content.

Pillar Page of your website contains content categorization and hyperlinks to the highlighted products or services of your business. This allows visitors to directly access them and become a paid client/customer. Use our expertise in creating highly responsive pillar pages to acquire the attention of search engines like Google resulting in higher ROI. Get in touch with us now!