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SEO site audit is crucial to keep a track of the website performance and find out faults that are hampering better ranking. A quality audit will help outline the problems, find fixes and bring better opportunities wherever possible. Timely audits can help frame better-informed strategies and campaigns leading to better ROI.

Our audit experts highlight problems like faulty backlinks, poor site navigation, irrelevant content, 404 errors missing or wrong descriptions or titles and contour an action plan in our detailed audit analysis report for the client. Our audit services include on-page as well as off-page analysis along with technical aspects of your website like the search-engine friendliness, accessibility, and the overall website metastructure. We leave no stone unturned to bring you the highest rankings in SERPs.


Findability Analysis

Our in-depth site audit starts with a findability check of your website to see how easy it is for the users as well as the search engines to access the website. Website findability is influenced by many factors like indexability, robot.txt file, sitemap navigation, and content originality among others. We find the errors hampering site findability and recommend optimum fixes for each one of them.

URL Analysis

Although a minor one. URL is a factor considered by search engines to rank websites. Additionally, an intelligently framed URL that reflects what information it’s leading the users to, adds to the user experience as well. We ensure your URLs are well-crafted and reflective of the destination page all the while keeping it short and simple.

On-Page SEO Checks

Next in line is to check each web-page individually to find the factors, like improper meta-titles or descriptions, infrastructure, faulty structure among others, that could be stopping the site from getting better ranking in SERPs. Our SEO team will find out even the smallest of the blips and the easiest fix for each one.

Mobile Optimization

The customer base is rapidly shifting towards mobile phones for their browsing and it’s important to be in sync with this change. We analyze the optimization status of your website and check whether it provides optimum user experience or needs a change.

Site Load Time

Slow loading speed is one of the primary factors contributing to a high bounce rate. Our team of experts will find out the whys of the slow loading that could range from simply too heavy images to some serious plugin issues and recommend the best fixes to improve the UX of your website with simple tweaks.


Even if your website does not accept any online transactions, making your website secure through SSL encryption. This has become even more crucial after Google has declared it to be an, although minor, influencing factor in the website ranking. Our experts are here to help you use the right encryptions to make your website safe and trusted by Google’s security standards.